This is my Virtual Multi-instrumentalist / Multi-conceptual Project.
Back in 2008 when I was trying to lineup a band with jazzy/electronic/avant-garde inclinations – all of this quite new to me. It was not an esay task, mainly because even I was not sure what I was looking for. Due to the difficulty of getting musicality and availability in the same persons, I came up with this idea of “virtual rehearsals”.

Nobody would doubt the chops of the British bassist Tony Porter and Scottish keyboardist Eugene Haigh. Both have played wonderfully in other traditional settings, but when we get things together in a hyper power trio, things happen!

The lineup for the first album, Panorama, was:
Eduardo Miranda (GUITARS, keys, bass, ambience, percussion, programming)
Eugene Haigh (KEYS, bass, guitar, ambience, percussion, programming)
Tony Porter (BASS, keys, guitar, ambience, percussion, programming).

Time has passed, and we moved on… currently I’m working solo – time allowing – in a new album. Keep checking SoundCloud for updates…