Neither to converge nor to diverge
I’ve never liked Christmas splurge
The flashing lights of glamours
With their dazzling clamours
Deep down in me, it’s a misfit…
Would that be the Christmas spirit?
Handshakes and pats on the back?
And all the same shit, the same whack?
Doing good out of duty, not out of desire?
Not doing evil out of religion, not conviction?
No matter who it hurts, it hurts me too,
Whoever lives or dies, will you cheer or will you boo.
Money can’t buy happiness, neither there nor here
Pity the Christmas spirit doesn’t last the whole year!

Neither to diverge nor to converge, it’s always the same snare
Make your Christmas more conscientious and less gruesome
Apart from that, plenty of health, ‘cause the rest overcomes.